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Welcome to the Samepage Roadmap

Near Term (next 1-2 months)


Public Page Sharing

Share a single page for anyone to see, even if they aren't on Samepage. 


Drag and drop calendar items

Easily move updated tasks and events directly from your calendar.



View and manage all your red dot notifications from a single place. 

Mid Term (next 2-4 months)

Link Cloud Files on Mobile

Link cloud files to a page directly from your mobile device. 

Search Chat

Search through chat conversations to easily find the information you need.

Granular Notification Settings

Customize your notification preferences for the desktop and mobile app. 

OneDrive for Business Integration

Attach OneDrive files to Samepage for easy document collaboration with your team. 

Long Term (4+ months)

Custom branding

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Customize the Samepage interface and system-generated emails with your company branding.

Zoom Integration

Start a video conference in Samepage with our Zoom integration. 

Released Features

Recurring Events

Create a recurring event and schedule how often to repeat it.
Released June 1, 2017


Get quantifiable feedback from the team through our versatile page-based survey tool.
Released May 29, 2016

@Mention All Team Members

Specifically mention every member of a specific team to guarantee you get their attention.
Released May 29, 2016

Protected Teams

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Set a team as read-only for people outside the team. 
Released May 2, 2017

Team Files

Keep a central repository of your team's files. Sync files to your computer for offline access.
Released April 26, 2017

Native Video Calling

Start a voice or video call right in Samepage with just one click.
Released April 24, 2017

Event Attendees

Add event attendees to keep them informed about meetings, conferences, and other important dates.
Released April 12, 2017

Custom Page Templates

Save any page you create into a template for your team to use.
Released March 21, 2017

Sharing a Page with Guests

Share a single page with a guest, even if they do not belong to a team or have a Samepage account.
Released March 21, 2017

Recurring Tasks

Set up a task as recurring for any task you need to perform on a regular basis.
Released March 9, 2017

Auto-join an existing organization

Help teammates in your company get on Samepage with the option to automatically join your organization.
Released March 6, 2017

Extended Admin Permissions

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Admins will gain extended permissions to hide the Everyone Team and enter Content Manager Mode to remove arbitrary chat messages.
Released March 6, 2017

Add task deadlines to a calendar

View task details on your team calendar and in My Calendar.
Released February 27, 2017

Copy and Paste a Page

Duplicate a page and add it to any team.
Released February 16, 2017

Task Participants

Assign a single task to multiple people (one assignee and multiple participants). Task can be marked complete by assignee or participant(s).
Released February 9, 2017

Page Sharing (within an organization)

Share a specific page with people outside of your team. 
Released January 30, 2017

Zapier Integration

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Connect Samepage with the apps you use to help automate your workflows.
Released January 12, 2017

Color Code Tasks and Events

Customize the color of tasks and events to help you visually track important items.
Released December 15, 2016

Quick Task Creation for Multiple People

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Copy and assign a task to multiple people (results in an individual task for each person).
Released December 1, 2016

Links and text formatting in Task and Events details

Improvements to task and event details will enable you to format text, and add @page mentions and other hyperlinks.
Released November 30, 2016

Team Archiving

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Archive a team or sub-team after it has served its purpose. The team will move to an archived section and all of its content will be read-only.
Released November 16, 2016

System Notifications

Automated notifications for things like being added to a Team, assigned or completed a Task, etc.
Released November 10, 2016

Group Chat

Create private group chats outside of Teams.
Released November 10, 2016

Quote Text

Highlight and quote any text on a page or chat conversation.
Released October 31, 2016

Migrate Legacy Pages to Team Pages

Convert content and files on Legacy Pages to Team Pages.
Released October 31, 2016

Lock pages

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Ability to "lock" pages for read-only viewing with Teams.
Released October 31, 2016

Review Later

Mark important messages or pages for follow-up – kind of like your own personal to do list.
Released October 25, 2016

Attach Cloud Files from Desktop App

Add files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive directly from the Samepage desktop app.
Released October 25, 2016

Team Calendar

See all events across your Team Pages on a single Team Calendar.
Released October 14, 2016

Team Task List

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Access and manage all Tasks within a Team in a single Task list.
Released September 22, 2016


Add emojis in Chats and Team Pages.
Released September 22, 2016

Revision History

View previous versions of Team Pages and Files.
Released August 4, 2016

Edit files on Team Pages

Open and edit files (MS Word, Excel and others) on Team Pages directly from the Samepage desktop app.
Released July 21, 2016

Edit your last chat message

Made a typo and hit send? Edit that typo before anyone notices.
Released July 21, 2016

Single Sign-On (SSO)

PRO ONLY FEATURE - Integrate Samepage into your existing SSO solution. This is a White Glove service requiring coordination.
Released July 7, 2016

Send pictures and files in Chat

Drag and drop images and files into any chat to send instantly.
Released June 29, 2016


PRO ONLY FEATURE - Selectively add or remove people in a Sub-team within a Team to control access to specific content.
Released June 17, 2016

Team Owner

Only Team Owners can manage Team members and settings.
Released May 24, 2016

@person mentions

Grab someone's attention by @mentioning them in any chat.
Released May 24, 2016


Organize your pages to keep your teams uncluttered.
Released May 9, 2016


We work hard every day to improve Samepage and are proud to share information about planned Samepage features. However, please note that any of the features described here may or may not become part of our product. The information provided here is for informational purposes only, subject to changes that may occur at any time as our development plans evolve.
Please do not rely on this information in making purchasing decisions as we do not commit to the ultimate release or maintenance of any particular feature. The development, release, and timing of release of any product, feature or functionality remain at the sole discretion of Samepage Labs and may change at any time.

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